From day one of their placement, we have basic, easy to follow rules which each child is encouraged to adhere to. 

This benefits their health, wellbeing and self-respect – and something that is tangible and positive. 

This helps formulate the first part of their health plan.

basic daily rituals

Every child must have a bath or shower each day and clean their teeth in the morning and evening. 

health and wellbeing

All children have introductory checks with our local GP, Dentist and Opticians. 


No child or member of staff is permitted to smoke anywhere within the grounds of the home.

Ready, steady –

All children, together with staff in daily house meetings, decide on the menu for the next week and it must include all of the healthy eating options/food groups that a child needs to thrive. 

It's enjoyable, too.

& diversity

Diversity and culture is embraced, and children have the opportunity to eat and cook cultural food. 

'Breaking bread' seated around a table, sharing a meal and talking happily is great bonding for children and staff.


At the beginning of their placement, it is explained to each child they have access to a child psychotherapist. An Independent visitor will also visit them once a month and talk to them about how they view the home, its staff and the way we are caring for them.

Exercise, open spaces and stress-free


- Safe and secure surroundings.

- Caring and thoughtful nurturing.

- Healthy body is a healthy mind – 
  Children and staff!