Residential Care

We offer care-placements for children primarily between the ages of 8 and 16 years.

It is preferred that children who are referred to us are admitted in a planned way, including pre-admission visits because this helps them realise that J&R Care is not just another child care provider, it is a home. Their home.

This is also vitally important to the culture of the home and to the children already living here.

How We Succeed

Specialising in working with the most vulnerable and challenging children, we are dedicated to providing a happy, safe and secure environment for our young people to develop and grow.

With clearly defined boundaries set out for the children in a nurturing manner, our staff team is committed to working with the unconscious processes taking place within this child group - secure in the knowledge they have the capacity to contain the powerful emotions which can lead to a child's challenging behaviour.

The staff team at the home possess a shared, natural understanding of the residential task. The importance of children needing to regress and giving the opportunity for them to receive basic primary experiences is at the heart of the work we do.

Building Blocks

- Social learning. We believe children re-learn appropriate behaviour through positive role modelling.

- Living together. This forms an important part of their development.

- Closely working with Independent therapists who can assess and offer different kinds of therapy dependent on the individual needs of the child.

- Policies are regularly updated and staff performance is openly monitored. Any issues reported by anybody are immediately logged and assessed.

Looking for a placement?

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