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Caring for Children

Residential Care,
Education and Therapeutic Services

Residential Care

Across our 3 homes, caring for children in pleasing surroundings and nurturing environments.

On-site School

With full curriculums and dedicated enthusiastic staff, our children enjoy and engage with education.

Dedicated Staff

Maintaining a high level of staff requires a good management and committed policies.

Our children learn the wholesome values of family, friends and education – within clearly defined boundaries.


'Good' rating from ofsted  

Placements taken countrywide

Boys only

J&R Care Ltd care for children and staff – this is our profession

- Full-time staff priority

- Thorough note-taking and reporting

- Money is no object 
  what the children need, the children get

J&R Care Ltd


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2 Homes –
1 consistent approach

Managing Director Jane P. has spent almost thirty years caring for children in local authority care, and this experience is vital to ensure everyone employed at J&R Care Ltd is wholly committed to caring for and improving the lives of children.

Our Staff

Being part of a team is crucial to the running of our homes. So much so, we are like an extended family – dedicated to improving the lives of children.

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