The comments on this page we have received from family of our children or from dedicated professionals who work hard to improve the lives of children:

"Dear Jane

Thanks for all your help and co-operation, we really appreciate it. I have been a social worker for many years but have rarely seen an agency go to the lengths or put in the amount of efforts you have - in making sure you do what is in the child’s best interest. I know from my discussions that our senior managers too are very appreciative and impressed with what you have done, particularly in the last couple of weeks.

I have spoken to GC and have arranged to visit D at his current placement tomorrow afternoon. We will use the opportunity to discuss plans re D.

Once again, thanks for everything.



Social Worker, Waltham Forest

“I feel safe in the home and staff look after us properly.”

“Staff take boys on so many activities, they don't have time to be bored.”
A resident's young relative

“It has been very positive since he came here and he has made huge progress. He is a different boy since working with staff.”
Social worker

"Young people enjoy good relationships with staff saying they feel safe in the home.”

I just wanted to say thanks to you and your staff team working with [name redacted].

His educational progress with you is fantastic, the change since he has been attending The Annex School with regards to attendance and engagement considering where he was at before he came to you is brilliant, also thanks so much with the support in getting his EHCP reviewed.

Social Worker, Southend



A handwritten thank-you card reads:

"Dear ** & all the staff,

Just to say a very sincere thank-you to you all for the great patience, skill & love you have all shown in caring for our grandson **. It may not be obvious to all but we have noticed a great change in him, for the better! We know that the road was not an easy one but we are sure that a successful end is in sight, due to your efforts.

We wish continuing success to you and your proteges.

Good luck to you all,
God bless you all, 
so very much."