Summer 2019 Began Here!


2019 Summer Started Here!

With storm clouds gathering and a chill wind gusting across the field, the sound of loud rhythmic drumming accompanied children and staff as they ran as fast as their legs would carry them to be first to finish the three-legged race.

The first event of our annual end of term Sports Day, although the scorching weather for Sports Day 2018 was not with us, invited visitors watched and cheered all competitors in all races:

Our music teacher also a DJ, he brought along digital turntables, laptop and a PA system, over which announcements were made before the beginning of each race / contest, playing lively and enjoyable music in between.

During each race/contest our specialist drummer rhythmically bashed and crashed a variety of drums made from recycled oddments – he’s very good, and he also does a very enjoyable group drumming session which anyone can be part of.

A huge bouncy castle formed part of the larger assault-course race (which also included many testing obstacles, including a trampoline), and our superbly athletic children –during the year taking part in all sports from boxing (training) to football (coached by our own professional footballer!)– had a great time competing and laughing together with their peers and staff.


Race / Competition Awards


  • 30m Sprint – Student winner: JK 5 seconds. Adult (pro footballer) 4.7.
  • Sack Race – Student winner: JK. Adult: Danny
  • Three Legged – JK and Danny.
  • Egga and Spoon race – Student:JK and Adult: Chanelle
  • Tyre Race – Student winner: MRH Adult: Brendan
  • Penalty Shoot-out: NPM
  • Limbo – JK
  • Assault Course Challenge – JK
  • Giant Skipping – 5 people [previous record is 9 skippers at once.]
  • Tug of Ware – Eric's team

2019 School Academic Awards

The day was also an opportunity to give awards to student who showed aptitude and displayed achievement in the following subjects:

MRH – English Award

KD – Computing Award

NM – Football Award

JK – Art Award

AI – Boxing Award

Congratulations to all students!

2018: Hot and sunny. 2019: cold and grey

During the afternoon we had to at times dodge the rain and shelter from the wind, but not even this stopped everyone thoroughly enjoying the day. Thanks to everyone who made it happen. SENCO teacher GT organised and compared the event like a seasoned professional – which he is.

The music funky, the BBQ and food laid on exceptional, and the delicious home-made brownies were an absolute delight.

Next summer, I feel a cooking competition coming on.

For our 2020 sports day, if you would like to try our assault course, group drumming session, limbo dancing, eggs and spoon race, sack race, penalty shoot-out, assault-course, or to sample our tasty BBQ dishes, or if are an industry professional and would like to meet our staff and see how we work, let us know. It would be great to meet you.

[NB. We will of course require proof of identification and verification you are a child care professional.]

Jane Parish
Managing Director

Pembroke staff join in