Pembroke House


Nestled in a country lane on the edge of a small town, Pembroke House is a large three-storey Edwardian property boasting 6 bedrooms.



A House Is A Home

Staff working at Pembroke House are where children call home, so it is important that everyone naturally feels part of a team – a family.

With clearly defined boundaries,   behavioural expectations underpin everyone knowing what is expected of them.


Established Home and School

Within the grounds, at the rear of the property is The Annex School, a two-room fully-equipped Ofsted inspected school.

Outside, within the gated grounds of, there's plenty of green space for the children to run around and play football, while in school the children can enjoy and really engage in education –many for the first time– and learn and grow in a safe a nurturing environment.

Daily House Meetings

House meetings help ensure  everyone is happy with how day-to-day life in the house is being run – from menus, chore rota, to talking about any minor problems within the family group.




Butterfly House

Head over to our other house and see the stunning setting for this property.

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