Online Safety

Keeping Safe From Online Grooming

Watch out for potential signs of grooming. The online world can be fun but it also has inherent dangers. 

read more>>> NSPCC - safety from online grooming

Cyberbullying Prevention

'The signs of cyberbullying are not always obvious, so it’s important to be aware of the risks of cyberbullying and how to talk to your child about staying safe.'

read more>>> NSPCC - cyberbullying prevention

Online Abuse Prevention

Online abuse is any type of abuse that happens on the web, whether through social networks, playing online games or using mobile phones.

read more>>> NSPCC - online abuse dangrer areas

Parental Controls

'Innocent searches online can lead to not so innocent results. But parental controls can help keep your child safe.'

read more>>> NSPCC - Parental Controls


The online world is a part of everyday life for children and adults, and knowing how to stay safe is vitally important, and so is knowing who to turn to if you feel trapped by a situation. We educate, have dedicated staff, and we provide resources for our children and employees.

Dangers: Cyberbullying, cybercrime and deception.

Detecting these issues is one thing, knowing how to deal with them is another. A problem or even a potential problem shared is a problem halved though, so please s
hare it with a senior member of staff.


Complete and confidential help is here for you.


A wealth of information is also available on the NSPCC website.

Comprehensive online safety advice can also be found here.




Let's Ask Frank

Drugs. They are accessible and can cause serious problems and destroy lives. This website has a wealth of information and confidential advice for parents and carers, and for teenagers there is information on the dangers.



Let's Be Frank

On the internet it is unfortunately too easy for children to access pornographic images. Parental control software and systems can help prevent this access, and information and frank discussions can help as well. Click here for information and advice.

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