Mission & Vision

in a nutshell

We work tirelessly with vulnerable children who need to live in an environment that is non-abusive and one that is honest and respectful and fun – with adults who can handle a child's destructive behaviours, understand how their past experiences have impacted their lives, and who will help build their self-esteem and enable the children to go on to lead healthier and happier lives.


To provide a living environment for vulnerable children where it is understood that honesty and mutual respect is imperative to a happy and healthy home.

To provide an education to children in a creative way to enable them to learn and achieve and not be disadvantaged.

To live in an environment that promotes health and well-being and helps children develop personal and social skills.

To provide opportunities for children to learn essential life, Independence and transition to work skills.

To ensure that all children’s cultural and identity needs are met through life story work and using community resources where necessary to ensure that the child is not disadvantaged by living in our care.

Key Objectives

-To become specialist providers in looking after some of the most vulnerable and challenging children and provide them with a safe and secure environment to grow and develop healthily.

-Employ staff who are committed to do the real work involved in caring for vulnerable children after they have been endlessly assessed in other environments.

-Employ staff who are able to survive the aggressive and destructive behaviours which have ended past placements.

-Help build positive and secure attachments with adults who do not abuse them and who enjoy and want to look after them.

-Continually learn to work therapeutically with the children and nurture them unconditionally.

-Apply clearly defined boundaries for children to feel safe and ensure that their day has structure and meaning.

We all continually learn to understand the unconscious processes involved in working with the projected feelings of the children and working within a group environment.

We are all committed to challenging anti-social and delinquent behaviour.

We are all committed to enabling the children to develop healthy lifestyles and make positive contributions to their own care and the community.

Everyone who works at J&R Care believes that all children have a voice and should be heard.​