2018 Sports Day Scorcher!

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2018 Sports Day Scorcher!

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During a staff ‘piggy-back’ race, two members of staff fell spectacularly, wiping out the majority of the other race participants! Nobody was hurt but everyone laughed uproariously.

Eric was unavailable for comment.

At the end of the straight running track loomed a large inflatable assault course –useful for over enthusiastic runners to dive on– and beyond that an equally large inflatable slide which also featured in the activities.

The events included Sprint Races, Penalty Shoot-out, Sack Race, Archery, Limbo, Egg and Spoon, Trampoline Display, Tug-of-War and an Assault Course Challenge.



Picture (right): Hilarious staff piggy-back race bundle

Our annual Sports Day this year saw children, staff, parents and visitors enjoying many fun games, along with much needed cold drinks and a bountiful barbeque.

As the sun fiercely shone on the scene of a running track marked on the scorched summer grass, in front of childrens’ art work displayed all along the fence, two drummers beat an encouraging rhythm as staff as children and visitors took part in races and challenges.


Picture (Left) : Staff locked in furious (laughter) Space Hopper race

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Later in the afternoon there was a medal presentation for the sports events and the overall Sports Day Champion.

While everyone was together, this is a great opportunity in front of the assembled crowd to also present the yearly School awards.

Jane Parish, J & R Care Ltd Managing Director, commented: ‘It’s wonderful to see the children laughing and smiling, and the staff and visitors all joining in the events as well. I could see everyone smiling and laughing. Everyone shared a really great day.’

Thanks to all the staff for making this day special. Special thanks go to Guy Tarrant and Mark Satterly.

Medal/awards table to follow.